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Disposable and semi-disposable electronic cigarettes.

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$ 4.99Boge DW230 Disposable e-cig

Good for about 500 puffs, or equivalent to about 2.5 packs of cigarettes.
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$ 6.99Q510 Semi-Disposable Kit

This kit comes with (1) battery, (1) atomizer, (3) cartridges and a USB charger. The battery will recharge 10-30 times (it's just luck of the draw). This is enough to use 5ml to 15ml of liquid, or the equivalent of 3-8 packs of cigarettes.
RN4062 Atomizer/Body - Black
$ 8.99DW260 Disposable Cigar

Good for about 800 puffs, or equivalent to about 4 packs of cigarettes.