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PV Liquid 5ml$ 3.99$ 2.99
PV Liquid 15ml$ 7.99$ 6.99
Liberty Liquid 15ml$ 8.99$ 7.99
Sierra Smoke 10ml$ 8.99$ 6.99
6 pack Samplers (5ml)$ 19.99$ 15.99
6 pack Full Sized (15ml)$ 45.99$ 39.99 offers a full range of flavors and strengths of electronic cigarette liquids. We also offer a PG-FREE line for customers who are sensitive to Propylene Glycol (PG). The PG-FREE line substitutes vegetable glycerin (VG) and/or Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) in place of PG. Although the PG liquids do offer stronger flavor and are closer to the feeling of real tobacco use, the PEG/VG versions provide outstanding flavor and vapor characteristics. Some customers without PG sensitivity prefer the PG-FREE line, saying that it provides a "sweeter" vapor.

PV and Liberty liquids use tobacco absolute (a nicotine-containing tobacco concentrate similar to essential oil) for their nicotine, while Sierra Smoke liquids use synthetic nicotine. Liquids using tobacco absolute will all have a tobacco flavor undertone and the strength of this flavor will increase with the nicotine content of the liquid. For most people nicotine absorption is the same for both types of nicotine. For others there will be a noticeable difference in nicotine absorption - some people will get more effect from the synthetic nicotine while others will get more effect from the tobacco absolute.

Standard Liquid - PV Liquid

PV Liquids are the main product line of DeKang Biotechnology, a well-respected company that manufactures 80-90% of the world's electronic cigarette liquid. We trust DeKang for several reasons.

First, contrary to public perception, China takes health violations very seriously. Unlike the USA, where a company that kills at least 9 people by shipping known comtaminated products gets a fine, China takes such violations seriously. In the melamine scandal, China sentenced those responsible to death or life in prison.

Second, DeKang is making great profits on their sales. Sales of electronic cigarettes and liquids are probably going to expand dramatically over the next several years. If DeKang can continue to dominate the liquid market, they are assured of huge profits. Couple this with the fact that they know that these liquids are going to be tested by regulatory agencies and lobbying groups. Add the fact that all of the ingredients in electronic cigarette are inexpensive. Do you really think that DeKang is going to risk huge potential profits to save a few pennies? We don't think so.

Premium Liquid - Liberty Liquid

Liberty Liquid has two major advantages over other liquids - it is the most flavorful liquid we've been able to find, and it is the only liquid from a major manufacturer that is still available in 36mg strength. Most of the high flavor liquids available tend to clog atomizers rather quickly, but Liberty Liquid is very atomizer-friendly. All the other major manufacturers have quit selling the 36mg under pressure from the Chinese government, but it appears DeKang is still making the "old" product line for one of its distributors.

The disadvantages of Liberty Liquid are the higher cost, limited selection, and thicker consistency. Liberty Liquid has a wholesale cost about 30% higher than any other liquid. That's why you won't see sale prices very often. We have pressured the manufacturer to offer 5ml and 30ml bottles, and to produce a PG-Free line, but have had no luck yet. The selection of flavors is also limited. One example is the fact that they don't make menthol. The mint is very close, but is not a true menthol. The thicker consistency means that it won't work well with the factory cartridge stuffing. Re-stuffing cartridges with looser fill is necessary to avoid constant cartridge refilling.

Gourmet Liquid - Sierra Smoke

Sierra Smoke liquids are made in the USA to our specifications. Available up to 36mg, these liquids are a little more expensive than our PV and Liberty liquids, but our initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We've been searching for a USA-made liquid for a long time and this is the first atomizer-friendly USA liquid that we've found. Lots of unique flavors and the flavors are stronger and cleaner than the other liquids with NO atomizer clogging Regular e-LiquidsPV Liquid PG-FREE e-LiquidsPG-FREE PV Liquid Regular e-LiquidsSierra Smoke Regular e-LiquidsLiberty Liquid PG-FREE e-LiquidsLiquid 6 packs