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About Us was started by a couple of ex-smokers. We bought our first electronic cigarettes at a mall kiosk. We soon ran into quality problems and went back to talk to the vendor, only to find that the fly-by-night operation had moved on. We found out that this was a common occurrence with this "major-brand" and its retailers. So we decided to order different products on the internet. We were surprised by the outstanding quality of the electronic cigarettes we got, and found out that the "major-brands" sold at kiosks and department stores were really of sub-par quality compared to the products available on the internet.

With this increased quality we became dedicated internet shoppers. But then when we would go to get replacements it seemed that everybody was out of stock of this item and that item, and only had a few of the other item available. This situation persisted for about 6 months. We then decided that it was time to open a small retail shop in Reno, NV, and to also put our products on the web so that people could be assured of finding a consistent supply. is dedicated to providing the highest quality electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes and liquids at the lowest possible prices. We are in constant communication with all of the major manufacturers, receiving product samples on a weekly basis. We will not carry any items until we are sure their quality meets our high standards. We are large enough to carry ample stocks of the highest quality electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes and liquid, yet small enough to provide the excellent customer service you expect from any small specialty store. Shop around and compare, and we think you'll find is the best solution for all your electronic cigarette needs.
72 East Glendale Ave
Sparks, NV    89431

(775) 356-9000

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UPDATED 10/15/2009: Since we wrote the preceeding information, has undergone many changes.

We've been forced to move twice in the past 4 months due to arbitrary actions by the corrupt system which we currently have in place of legitimate governance. Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Government all see e-cigs as a threat to their revenue streams, so it appears they are all joining together to do whatever they can to stop them. There are still no laws on the books banning e-cigs, yet they are doing everything in their power to keep them from being sold.

We've also lost our PayPal processing services. PayPal has decided that electronic cigarettes are "unacceptable" and has been targeting all the electronic cigarette retailers. In the long run, we feel this was actually a good thing. The PayPal checkout process was long and tedious, and offered no additional security compared to our new processor. We also did not like the way they tried to hide the ability for non-members to checkout without joining. Their "encouragement" to register with PayPal bordered on deceptive business practices.

We're still here, and we have strategies in place to continue providing this amazing product no matter what laws the corrupt @*%holes we call "representatives" decide to pass. We are tired of Big Brother "looking out for us" when all they're really doing is lining their own pockets and pursuing power for its own sake. Sorry for the rant, this probably isn't the appropriate place to be venting frustrations.

Thanks for your patience. As always, we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you get the quality products and service you expect.